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The TechniChlor™ has been specifically designed as a plug-n-play easy to install hot tub and spa chlorine generator that takes into account the spas high water temperature and small water volume. The TechniChlor will  sanitize your spa and hot tub water by converting skin softening saltwater into sanitizing chlorine.


ControlOMatic’s first large saltwater system for pools. The MegaChlor makes about 0.1 pounds of chlorine per day and is available as a plug-n-play drape over (MegaChlor DO) version or an inline (MegaChlor IL) version. For pools and swim spas up to 20,000 gallons.

The ChlorMaker is available as an inline or drape over the side saltwater system for hot tubs and spas. The inline version is installed in the existing plumbing and doesn’t require draping the electrode cell over the side of the hot tub or spa into the water. The ChlorMaker includes 10 power levels, salt level indication, external control box and automatic cleaning.

Salt Water  Hot Tub and SPA Chlorine Generators

Shows the advantages of switching your spa over to salt and describes the differences between our spa chlorine generator models. If you have a salt water pool then you know the advantages and only recently has this technology been brought to the spa and hot tub warm water market. Hopefully this video will answer some of the questions you may have.

TechniChlor spa chlorine generator saltwater system

The TechniChlor, MiniChlor and ChlorMaker are saltwater systems uniquely designed for hot tubs and spas bringing the same water quality and maintenance reduction benefits that pool owners have enjoyed for years. Simply turn the water in your hot tub into saltwater by adding salt (about a teaspoon per gallon), and then let our chlorine generator take care of your sanitation needs day after day. The salt requirements for our saltwater systems is very low, between 1500 and 2000 PPM, less than 6% of the salt concentration of the ocean you most likely will not be able to taste the salt.

ControlOMatic develops and manufactures saltwater chlorinators for the pool and spa industry throughout the world. For the last 30 years, saltwater pools have been in high demand due to improved water quality and the huge reduction in maintenance that a saltwater system provides. Until now, a smaller saltwater system designed for a spa or hot tub was not an option. The standard spa chlorine generators offered by ControlOMatic are very easy to install and do not require the spa to even be on or interfere with the current plumbing or electronics, simply add salt, place in the water, and turn it on.


The ControlOMatic catalog includes all the models with information on replacements and accessories.

ControlOMatic’s Saltwater Chlorine Generator Catalog